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Consultancy Feedback

One of the best bar consultancy academy in India


“It’s just more efficient to use FMBA than to miss out on bar program goals. It lets me handle the things I need to do well in a non-stressful way, so that I can focus on the creative stuff. All the bartender was professionally trained & more kind in nature.”
– Sky Bar

“After we got the sales figures loaded into Flair Mania Bartending Academy, we found out that we were not even keeping a week’s worth of inventory. All the crew were just amazing.”

“Flair Mania Bartending Academy is a very nice academy I’ve been trying to find for over a decade.”
– Kiva

“We very much happy with Flair Mania Bartending Academy.”
– Post 91

“We can say One of the best academy in Asia.”
– Coconut Tree

“Flair Mania Bartending Academy certainly provided us with some valuable information. And there are definitely opportunities for us to capitalize on this information. We’re happy with the partnership.”
– FC Grill

“Unbelievable mixology and staff, they all have good behavior.”
– Deccan Harvest

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