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Diploma In Bar And Beverage Management Course

India’s first Government Affiliated institute which uses LMS for teaching bartenders.

Diploma In Bar And Beverage Management Training Academy In Pune

Duration: – 12 Months
Timing:- 4 Hours in day
Diploma In Bar And Beverage Management Academy In Pune

The bartending course is quite unconventional course to pursue. However, it has become extremely important in the modern world and the Hospitality industry. It has a tremendous scope in the future with increasing recruiters and job opportunities. However, getting a diploma certification for a bartending course creates more opportunities to get a job all over the world. With the help of this certification get a chance to work all over the world. Get a detailed knowledge of bartending with a specialization


  • Introduction about Bartender, Bar History, Types of Bar
  • Bar operation. · Different types of Glassware & Equipment’s.
  • Classification of Beverage, Duty, and Responsibility of Bartender.
  • Attitudes of bartenders, Biology of Hangover.
  • What is alcohol & what is the Fermentation & Distillation process?
  • Modern Methods of Mixing Cocktails, Styles & Presentation.
  • Spirits of the World: Whisky, Gin, Tequila & mescal, Brandy, Wine, Vodka, Rum, Liqueurs, Aperitifs & Bitter, Beer, Sake, Absinth, Aquavits, schnapps, Tea and coffee, Cider and Perry (Introduction, History, Production, Types, Styles, Brands with country & Cocktails- tasting).
  • Storeroom requisition, Daily inventory, Selling techniques of product.
  • Learn more than 80+classic & Innovative (Unlimited) cocktails.(T&C Apply)
  • Practical’s just don’t see but make it yourself with actual ingredients (T&C Apply)
  • Shooter and slammers & Mocktails.
  • Brewery, Distillery & Winery visit. ( visiting cost is applicable )


  • Personalized flair trainer (8 Hours) with Flair kit.
  • Basic of Flair bartender – shaker Moves -bottle Moves (stall, rolls, bumps, Flips, grips).
  • Free Accurate 30-60-90 ml Pouring.
  • Pouring style- (slide pouring, up-down right, left, front pouring, cuts & much more).
  • Work flair sequence.
  • Fire flair sequence.
  • Exhibition flair sequence.
  • 3 Flair sequence with filled bottle.
  • 3 bottle flair, 2 shakers 1 bottle moves.
  • Flair with ice, glassware, tissues,
  • other equipment bar tricks, and Magic.
  • 3 bottle fire flair.
  • 4 bottle flair sequence.

Foreign Liquor Register (F.L.R.)

How to get a Bar license?

  • Introduction to Bar License
  • Bar Business Models
  • Types of Liquor License
  • Licenses Requires to Start a Restaurant
  • Distributors contact (Liquors Distributors)

How to fill F.L.R-3 Excise Report?

  • Daily inventory & Store Room Requisition
  • Brand Name Register (Form FLR- 1A/2A/3A)
  • F.L.R-3 Register
  • Form F.L.R-4 (Monthly Statement Book )
  • Form F.L.R-6 (Permit Holder’s book)

Advance Molecular Mixology

  • History of Molecular Mixology / Jello shots and recipe, Faqs of Jello shot.
  • History and Common Techniques of Gelification.
  • History, Techniques and cocktail of Spherification & Reverse Spherification.
  • Faqs of Spherification & Reverse Spherification.
  • Techniques and Cocktail of Whipping Siphon.
  • Protection, Techniques, and Cocktail of Liquid Nitrogen and Dry Ice.
  • Xanthan gum History Making Proses, Techniques
  • Agar-Agar History Making Proses, Techniques
  • Chemical Ingredients Information: Sodium Alginate, Calcium Chloride, Calcium Lactate Gluconate, Sodium Citrate.
  • Gelification Cocktails: Spaghetti, plastic paper, orange jello shot, Layered shot, Margarita Jello Shots, Strawberry Daiquiri Jello Shots
  • Caviar Cocktails: Orange caviar,Dry ice Mojito caviar cocktail,Between the seets, Aviator, Bloody Mary, Bluelagon, Cubalibre, Highball, Cosmopolitian.
  • Emulsification Cocktails: Emulsified Campari and Orange Cocktail, Emulsified with Cosmopolitan. Emulsified with dirty martini, Emulsified with strawberry Daiquiri, Emulsified with Madras.
  • Whipping Siphon Cocktails: Vanilla whipping, Strawberry whipping, Rose whipping, Chocolate whipping.
  • Liquid Nitrogen Cocktails: Frozen margarita, Frozen Pinacolada, Frozen cosmopolitan Frozen Cuba libre, Frozenice, Cheese boll, Biscuits/Chips (Waffers), Cotton Candy
  • Home Made Liqueurs (with liquor Testing): Irish cream, Orange liqueurs, Coffee liqueurs, Midori, Grenadian, Amaretto, Peach
  • Home Made Wine: Pineapple, Apple, Grapes, and Plum.
  • Fruits Infused (Shots): Red Grapes, Green Apple, Water Melon, Strawberry,
  • Shots: Rainbow, Atom bomb shots, Dept shot, Slammers, Fleming tower, Fire shots
  • How Bitters are Made: Aromatic Bitters, Orange Bitters, Lavender Bitter, Apple Bitter
  • Syrups: Strawberry, Orange, Coconut, Coffee, Chocolate, watermelon
  • Jell-O Shots: Strawberry, Black currant, Green apple, Orange
  • Smoke Cocktail: Smoked Fruit, Smoked Herbs, Smoky Spirits, Smoky Garnish
  • Air Bubble Cocktails: (All Flavors)
  • Fermentation & Distillation Live Demo
  • Culinary mixes / Floral mixes / Tiki mixes.

Bar and Beverage Management

  1. The History of Wine:
    • The grapes and vinification
    • Wine and food pairing
    • The taste of wine and the wine of the world
    • Storing wine and serving wine
    • The Big Six wine tasting
  2. Brands & Cocktail History: Gin, Rum, Vodka, Tequila, Whisky, Brandy, Beer,
  3. Innovative cocktails: (Practical’s, Styles & Presentation)
    (World class Mixology Computation Winner 10)
  4. Bar Manager Duties:
    • Personality development communication fundamentals while facing interviews
    • Principles of managements & marketing for hospitality
    • MIS( management information system )Software for F&B
  1. Bar Design, Menu Design & costing:
    • Cocktails & Mocktails Menu & costing
    • Beverage cost controls, Tea, coffee brewing & cigar,
    • Liquor Cost Control Techniques, Forecasting, Planning & coasting,
    • Bar planning, Project report writing & presentation
    • Bar Layout Design Gust Capacity
  2. Beverage service & Gust handling:
    • BOT KOT & Bill Punching, Staff Training & Marketing
    • Beverage service, Guest handling
  3. Bartender Speed Training:
    • Pouring (style teqinic,Types), Cocktail
    • Inventory, Bar tricks & Magic Tricks
    • We will Provide Job Placements for a lifetime ( T&C Apply)
    • Can practice at any of our academies nationwide for a lifetime (T&C Apply)

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