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Flair Bartending Course

India’s first Government Affiliated institute which uses LMS for teaching bartenders.

Flair Bartending Course In Kolkata

Duration: – 2 Months (Minimum)
Timing:- 8 Hours in day

Course Duration is 2 months but student can continue practice upto 2 years in same Fees

A Flair Bartending course dedicated to mastering the art of flairing and juggling would be an excellent addition to the skillset of any bartender looking to stand out in the industry. By focusing specifically on flairing and juggling skills, this course provides aspiring flair bartenders with the training and guidance needed to become skilled performers behind the bar. Whether pursuing flair bartending as a hobby or aiming to become a unique and memorable bartender in the industry, participants will gain valuable insights and techniques from expert instructors in our Best Bartending School.

Handle Bottle with style

FMBA Flair course is designed for either the experienced or inexperienced bartender or anyone that has ever been interested in this eye-catching skill and introduces them to the incredible world of flair bartending using essential Working Flair techniques, mesmerizing pours that are useful behind the bar, and simple tricks that never slow down service. Flair will amaze customers and, in turn, increase tips behind the bar and establish an excellent customer connection. The Flair Workshop is taught by award-winning Flair Bartenders from all around the world who have competed in some of the biggest flair competitions to date and have mastered the art of Working, Exhibition, and Tandem flair.

We have best flair trainer in FMBA who tech you from basic. We start with can or bottles, once our student done with basic moves then we take them to the next level, we train our student for flair competition. We teach them how to make cocktails while doing flair behind the bar. We train you …

Work flair, Fire flair, Exhibition flair.

FMBA Flair course

Personalized flair trainer and bar equipment
Basic of Flair moves with shaker bottle (stall , rolls, bumps, Flips, grips, back pass & more.)
Pour your drink without using pag measure( Free Accurate10-15-30-60-90 ml Pouring & Different style of Pouring )
Fire flair sequence
3 Bottle Flair sequence with filled bottle
3 bottle flair, 2 shaker 1 bottle moves
Flair with ice, glassware, tissus, other equipment’s bar tricks and Magic.

FMBA Advance flair course

A Pro Level Flair bartending course
A Flair routine for flair competition
2 min work flair sequence
3 min exhibition fair sequence
2 can 1 bottle
3 can 1 bottle
2 bottle 1 can
2 can 2 bottle
3 bottle flair routine

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