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Whiskey Ambassador Certification Course

India’s first Government Affiliated institute which uses LMS for teaching bartenders.

Whiskey Ambassador Course In Pune

Duration: – 1 Month
Timing:- 1 Hours in day and 3 days in a week

Module 1: Introduction to Whiskey

1.1 Whiskey Basics

• What is whiskey?
• Types of whiskey (Scotch, Bourbon, Rye, Irish, etc.)
• The whiskey-making process: mashing, fermentation, distillation, and aging.

1.2 Whiskey Ingredients

• Grains: barley, corn, rye, wheat.
• Water sources and quality.
• Yeast in whiskey production.

Module 2: Whiskey History and Heritage

2.1 The History of Whiskey

• Origins and historical development.
• Key milestones in whiskey production.
• Influence on culture and society.

2.2 Regional Variations

• Understanding whiskey regions: Scotch, Kentucky, Ireland, etc.
• How geography influences whiskey production.

Module 3: Whiskey Tasting and Evaluation

3.1 Sensory Evaluation

• Understanding the sensory attributes: appearance, aroma, taste, finish.
• Developing a whiskey palate.

3.2 Tasting Techniques

• Proper glassware and serving temperatures.
• How to nose and taste whiskey effectively.

3.3 Whiskey Styles and Tasting Notes

• Recognizing key flavor profiles in different types of whiskey.
• Describing whiskey characteristics using standardized tasting notes.

Module 4: Whiskey Brand Representation

4.1 Role of a Whiskey Ambassador

• Responsibilities and objectives.
• Brand loyalty and advocacy.

4.2 Effective Brand Storytelling

• Crafting and communicating the brand’s history and values.
• Tailoring messages for different audiences.

Module 5: Whiskey Production and Distillation

5.1 Production Details

• In-depth look at the whiskey-making process.
• Understanding the distillation and aging processes.

Module 6: Whiskey Regulations and Compliance

6.1 Legal Framework

• Alcohol regulations and compliance.
• Responsible drinking and legal requirements for promotional events.

6.2 Taxation and Licensing

• Understanding excise taxes and permits.
• Compliance with local and international regulations.

Module 7: Whiskey Marketing and Sales

7.1 Marketing Strategies

• Promotional tactics and branding strategies.
• Social media and digital marketing in the whiskey industry.

7.2 Sales Techniques

• Understanding the sales process.
• Tips for selling whiskey effectively.

Module 8: Industry Trends and Market Analysis

8.1 Industry Trends

• Current and emerging trends in the whiskey industry.
• How to adapt to changing consumer preferences.

8.2 Market Analysis

• Gathering data and feedback from the market.
• Using market insights for brand development.

Module 9: Responsible Whiskey Consumption

9.1 Social Responsibility

• Encouraging responsible drinking.
• Handling situations involving overconsumption.

9.2 Health and Whiskey

• Understanding the impact of whiskey on health.
• Communicating responsible consumption guidelines.

Module 10: Certification and Assessment

10.1 Final Examination

• Comprehensive test on whiskey knowledge and ambassador skills.

10.2 Presentation and Brand Story

• Each student presents a brand story and conducts a tasting session.


A. Whiskey Glossary

• Common whiskey-related terms and definitions.

B. Whiskey Ambassador Code of Conduct

• Ethical guidelines and professionalism for whiskey ambassadors.

This course should ideally combine theory with practical experiences like whiskey tastings, distillery visits, and role-playing to prepare individuals for the role of a whiskey ambassador. It’s important to keep the content updated to reflect evolving industry trends and regulations.

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