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World Record Holder & Best Bartending Award Winner

(Over the shoulder one hand two bottles involving 122 flips in 1 minute)

Again it’s Flair Mania which is breaking the record with the fastest bartender in the world (Over the shoulder one hand two bottles involving 122 flips in 1 minute). Presented by President of WBR Switzerland.
Also with this Kavita Medar holds the World’s 1st Female fastest bartender in the world

India’s 1st & only Award Winning Bartending Institute

Better India Education Award

Presented by Harish Rawat (CM)

IFA Award

Presented by Sushmita Sen (Actor)

World Signature Award

Presented by Govinda

Asia’s Education Excellence Awards

Presented by Karisma Kapoor

7th Asia Education Summit Award

Presented by Juhi Chawla

Talent Flair Mania Bartending Services Pvt.Ltd.

Best bartending Academy In India

(Flair Mania Legal Documents)

FLAIR MANIA BARTENDING aims to provide promised career to all of its students which only believes in true education with intelligence and quality training by keeping transparency in business as an unique culture that made FLAIR MANIA BARTENDING win long years

“Remember any one can pour your drink, but we will mix all of our quality service, positive attitude and great personality.”

Bartending is a craft as old as history. It dates back to ancient times and can be found in Roman, Greek and even Asian societies.

At FMBA we don’t take bartending as just pouring the drink in the glass, we take it further and much deeper. The cocktails here are not just Mojitos and Bloody Mary’s, but it is making something with passion, flair bartending is not just juggling but it’s a style, it’s an art.
Best bartending Academy in Bangalore

Celebrity Testimonials

India’s 1st Bartending institute highest rating & reviews


Flair mania is doing great work to educate enthusiastic & very young students about bartending and hotel management. I feel very greatful to give the award to Mr. Raj Medar for running such beautiful, knowledgeable institute.

Sushmita Sen

I am very happy to give an IFA Award to Mr. Raj &Kavita Medar, Flair mania for best bartending services they provided to the world wide. My Good wishes is always with them and happy to give more awards to FMBA.

Harish Rawat
Former Chief minister of Uttarakhand

There are so many bartending institutes in India but Indian Goverenment choose Flair mania bartending institute for Better India education Award on the basis of there educational work records and experience.

Preity Zinta

I’m very to honor to give an award to Flair mania bartending institute, it is a greate institute where greate bartender taken an bartending education and made their career. Keep it up FMBA

Juhi chawla

Bartending school in India is a very good options who want to become professional/part time bartender & those who are passioniate about bartender job. Good work FMBA. NICE !!

karishma kapoor
Karishma Kapoor

It’s the one of the field where student can make their good career and Flair mania bartending institute is helping them to achieve it. And for that I’m honor to give them AEE Award. Best bartending Institute in pune.

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India’s 1st Bartending institute highest rating & reviews

There is a lot of to learn about bartending in flair mania bartending academy. and How to work bartender behind the bar I learn about classic cocktail & mixology, flaring & knowledge confident and job.

I have joined the FMBA because want to learn the bartending courses, Good experience and how to work bartender,
I learn about classic cocktails, mixology and Flairing, Flair and mixology Knowledge confident and job.

I learn my bartending education from flair mania bartendng academy and it’s very valuable to my professional career. I have learned topmost skill set of bartending .
FMBA is highly recommanded

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