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Weekend Bartending Course In Mumbai

India’s first Government Affiliated institute which uses LMS for teaching bartenders.

Duration: – 2 Days

Timing:- 4 Hours in day

You will learn in Mixology Class

  • Brief information about Bar & bartending.
  • Knowledge about bar set & bar equipment.
  • Method of making cocktails.
  • Knowledge about spirit & wine
  • Make world famous classic cocktails.
  • How make basic cocktails garnishes.

You will learn in Flairing class

Personalized flair trainer and bar equipment / safety and Basic of Flair bartender – shaker moves bottle moves (stall , rolls, bumps, Flips, grips)
Different style of Pouring , moves with one bottle with one can,
Bar tricks and Magic.

If you are interested in flair, we will teach you for next 7 day , we will not charge you for extra flair classes.

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Mumbai City

Financial center and India’s largest city FLAIR MANIA BARTENDING COURSE Mumbai located at one of iconic locations Indulges in true sense of
hospitality and fame for top quality trainings in bartending. Best bartending Course in Mumbai.

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