Molecular Mixology

India’s first Government Affiliated institute which uses LMS for teaching bartenders.

Duration: – 15 Days

Timing:- 4 Hours in day


FMBA Molecular Mixology class focuses on scientific techniques of changing the chemical structure of ingredients to make innovative and unique cocktails.

  • Introduce new products, modern molecular equipment and tools and new methods.
  • Preparing a perfect molecular cocktail, by application of various technique Uses of chemical and their properties.
  • Proper technique and concoction.
  • Dos and don’ts of molecular Mixology.
  • Details study of spirits and liqueurs.
  • Understand the possibilities of and practical applications of Molecular Mixology.


You will learn in Molecular practical


  • NEW hot technics OF INFUSION
  • Cocktail Spheres – Spherification
  • Caviar cocktails.
  • Jell-O cocktails
  • Dry ice cocktails presentation.
  • Cocktail IN an Ice Sphere.
  • Technic of Distillation & Re distillation
  • Glow in the dark cocktails
  • Foam cocktails
  • Molecular cocktails
  • Cotton candy cocktail
  • layer cocktails
  • Frothy cocktails
  • Air & Bubbles cocktails
  • Frozen Nitrogen cocktails


If you want own molecular kit then you have to pay for Molecular kit






Our Molecular Mixology class focuses on scientific techniques of changing the chemical structure of ingredients to make innovative and unique cocktails.

Using specialised equipment, you will be taught how to make four of your own delicious, lab-produced cocktails within our completely interactive molecular masterclass format. Every student will have their own work area on a custom cocktail bar station, each of which holds four people.

Some of the less conventional components of the molecular workshop include: An iSi cream whipper with N20 canisters, an Earl Grey mist creation, dry ice to produce an ice cream for a mixed drink and a calcium bath for direct spherification. This fantastic class boasts exciting visuals, tastes and science to heighten your masterclass experience.

What we do in Molecular Mixologist

Molecular mixology brings science to the shaker to create new flavors, textures, surprising presentations and enhance the overall drinking experience.

Bartenders and chefs leading the molecular mixology movement have created incredible cocktails and drinking experiences. Cocktail spheres that explode in the mouth, cocktail caviar, edible cocktails, multi-color layered cocktails, cocktails that resemble lava lamps, cocktails with foams and bubbles, cocktails infused with surprising leather and cigar flavors, powdered cocktails, cocktails with suspended elements, cocktail gums, paper cocktails, solid cocktails, cocktail marshmallows, flavored ice spheres, frozen ‘nitro’ cocktails, cocktail popsicles, cocktail glasses filled with cotton candy and much more!! The creativity and imagination of these mixologists is endless!

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